Virtuous Vodka Organic Akvavit Single Sampler


Akavit Sampler Starter Pack! This is a special flavour that is native to Swedish culture as it is made with aromatic herbs and is usually consumed before dinner. It has annisee and hints of licorice characteristics.

What you get:

~ 50mls of Organic Virtuous Vodka Akavit
~ 1 Bottle of Ledgers Licorice Tonic
~ Complete Raw Cocktail Recipe
~ Automatic online access to more recipes to use at your disposal!

You will get between 2 - 3 half strength recommended size drinks out of the organic vodka and tonic . Perfect for a Gift or an introductory into the range!

Country of Origin

Sweden, Stockholm

Product Description

The mission of Virtuous Vodka Sweden is to create a fake free vodka that is not only organic but free from fake aromas and additives. They go out of their way to source organic grains to create the unfiltered vodka and organic fruit to create real and authentic flavours