Virtuous Vodka Organic Raspberry


Pure unfiltered craft Vodka that is made with organic grains and hand selected to use only the body of the distillation than the head or tail - choosen for the part that produces the highest quality to get that smooth, pure finish.

The unfiltered vodka is then put into a vat with Real Organic Raspberries! It sits in there macerating for up to 12 weeks to ensure a full robust flavour!

Completely clean with the natural aromas from the organic rye felt and the integrity of the craft maintained with no added preservatives, chemicals, essences or added sugar.

Country of Origin

Sweden, Stockholm

Product Description

The mission of Virtuous Vodka Sweden is to create a fake free vodka that is not only organic but free from fake aromas and additives. They go out of their way to source organic grains to create the unfiltered vodka and organic fruit to create real and authentic flavours