Gin Gold 999.9


Gin Gold is the most premium Gin on the market that is hand made in france with 16 different botanicals. Very floral and fragrant with hints of vanilla and Tangerine.

Golden in colour and a reference to the ancient gold pots that have been used for distillation in the distillery since 18th century.

Each botancial is individually distilled and then blended in a secret recipe that took three years to perfect.

A labour of love has gone into the bottle and is for the Gin lover looking to take their love to the next level.

Country of Origin

France, Deep in the Lorraine Region

Product Description

This is a family run distillery in a small town in northen France that has been operating since 1863. Created out of a passion for quality where only blood lines can be head distillers. They hand pick all the fresh botanicals that is only sourced from the local region and distill each botancial indvidially only after the fresh botancials mascerating with the base alcohol for up to 6 weeks. A very generously made Gin with elite skill and craftsmanship embracing tradition yet innovating with taste for the future. A beautifully subtle gin that is made to be consumed straigh on ice or with your favourite premium mixer.