Domingo Vermouth


This vermut is a homage to the traditional day to take the aperitif with friends in Spain: Sunday, “DOMINGO”. The day to chill out and forget about worries. The day when time stops and allows you to enjoy without rush.

Our red vermut DOMINGO has aromas of wormwood, gentian, elder flower, ginger, dittany of Crete and orange peel.

A sweet opening in the mouth leads to elegant bitter hints that invite you to drink more.

Domingo 1 Pack

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Product Description

Like all premium vermut houses the best kept secret is in the recipe of the blend. Only using a combination of excellent spanish wine with extracts from the finest root, botanticals and aromatic plants. It is the secret blend of all natural elements made with hand creafted passion that makes Domingo vermut special to get a well rounded taste without any particular flavour standing out. Everything is respected and honoured to keep things as close to nature as possible.