Ledgers Tonic - 4 Pack


Ledgers Tonic is a new age tonic that is low carbonated with no salt that won't sabotage your health with only 23 calories.

Cinnamon stimulates gastric acids preparing you to enjoy your favorite drink enhancing the taste of the spirit you mix it with. Alone it becomes a fantastic tonic for your body.

Made from the best quinine and infused with natural flavours and sweetened with natural stevia makes it the healthiest tonic on the market with 80% less sugar than regular tonics.

Country of Origin

Spain, Madrid

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Product Description

Ledger’s Premium Tonic is made in Spain from quinine sourced from the famous Cinchona Ledgeriana tree. Discovered in 1864, by the adventurer Charles Ledger, as a more powerful quinine and considered to be the best quinine in the world, still to this day. Using this innovation as a base, Ledger’s is the only premium tonic water that is sweetened with natural Stevia to enhance the authentic flavours and produce a refreshment without the refined sugars.