The Purpose

To create a movement of people embracing organic and natural liquor products, leading the way to healthier living.
Our Mission is to be on the forefront of organic liquor, globally establishing an enhanced drinking experience where knowledge, appreciation and sophisticated consumption are the foundations.

Who is the Liquor Baroness?

The Liquor Baroness represents a way of living in an era long ago that treasured tradition, celebrated knowledge and appreciated the finer details in life. She is the epitome of style and grace discovering the world with a sense of adventure and is not afraid to endeavour off the beaten track to uncover the best the world has to offer. She embraces all that is organic, natural, hand crafted and authentically true. She loves family and warmly welcomes people with her charming hospitality.

What does The Symbol Mean

The symbol is the Baroness’s signature wax seal on a golden compass that represents brands only certified by The Liquor Baroness and her stringent buying standards. In keeping tradition wax is used from Venice Italy where the same methods have been used for centuries, and individually hand paint gold ink to accentuate her signature stamp characteristics.

The core that makes us different

We have established a network of distilleries and wineries where quality is put first and a greater focus on the overall effect on the environment is honoured. We go a step further and use these as a basis for our Raw CocktailsTM requiring no added sugar or sugar alternative. We love sharing knowledge and believe that the more people know the more empowered they are to make better decisions for their health. We coined the term ‘Intelligent drinkers’ to represent this.

We also strongly believe in transparency and want to communicate all the values of the product and also how much sugar and calories are present when mixed. We work closely with health experts to ensure all of our cocktails not only taste good but are not sabotaging our health. We see every part of our business as an extension of ourselves and therefore only partner with distillers, suppliers, venues, event managers and caterers that share the same values of quality, appreciation and health focused attitude that we hold dear.