Frequently asked Questions

Who is The Liquor Baroness and Can I meet her?

The Liquor Baroness is a lifestyle and way of drinking. She was originally based on a person but has taken on to represent a set of values about appreciation and refinement when drinking.

Why is it healthier?

The drinks have less chemicals added as the farming used is organic and natural which means there was no added pesticides and additional chemicals added to the grains. Although alcohol is considered a chemical in it self, the way it is made is cleaner and no additional chemicals, essences, fillers, additives or colourings are added after the distillation takes place. They also use fresh ingredients to obtain the flavours in the drink so there is a commitment to organic and natural.

How long does it take to ship?

Please read our Shipping information page

What is an intelligent drinker?

We coin the phrase intelligent drinker to describe drinkers that understand what is in their drink, where it comes from, the methods used and the effects on their body. They are empowered to make informed decisions about their drinking choices due to the fact that they embrace knowledge.

How do The Liquor Baroness mark sure that the liquor they import is organic and preservative-free?

All our distilleries and winery that have organic on their labelling have certification from their countries in regards to their organic practices. Our distilleries that have natural, biodynamic and preservative free embrace organic practices and are in the process of obtaining their organic certification which in Europe is a three year process. Some are so small that the cost of obtaining the certification is too high which is why they say natural ingredients used and do not claim organic but shown on the label very clearly they do not use any additives or preservatives.

How do you find new suppliers?

We travel extensively to meet the suppliers directly and most of the time we have found them by a miracle in the first place. We deal with intrinsically family run distilleries and wineries where their main focus and passion is all about making amazing products.