We invite you to switch off the computer, look up from your phone and go outside to touch, taste, see and experience a world of organic and natural, that cannot be translated through an experience online! Our classes are fun, interactive and provide the knowledge that empowers you to become an intelligent drinker.

All of our classes embrace the foundations of the craftsmanship that goes into making the liquor and we create a sophisticated environment where knowledge is shared and valued in an entertaining and engaging setting!

Raw Cocktails Masterclass

The healthier alternative

Love your cocktails but want to ditch the chemicals, calories and sugars hiding in the drink? In this masterclass you will learn to make our healthier Raw CocktailsTM with no added sugar or sugar alternatives. We use aromatic herbs, cold press juices and low-calorie tonics along with organic fresh flavoured vodka to make a drink that suits your tastes to become your new favourite that won’t sabotage your health!

We make around 3-4 cocktails and you get to mix one to take home and drink at your leisure!

Gin Gastronomy

A Journey

Love your Gin but can’t seem to shake the one that you used to drink with your Grandma? Well come along to this class where you will experience an array of Gins that are on the market, and some that aren’t! You will learn how Gin is made in different regions using different botanicals to create different varieties. We’ll show you how mixing with different tonics, mixers and glassware can transport you to another world with Gin.

We typically taste between 5-7 gins and depending on your tastes can access between 4-16 mixers!

Organic Wine

Explanation and taste exploration

Preservatives, sulphates, dirt and weather – uncover what it all means to wine in this masterclass that explains the difference between organic, biodynamic, sulphate and preservative free. You will leave with the knowledge equipped to tackle any wine list and clarity around the fog of information about organic wine and where it sits in the market!

We taste 5-6 half glasses of wine to get a feel for different varieties.

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