Our Story

We love

- Eating great food and being active
- Getting the most out of every day
- Meeting new people and having fun!

What we found though was that sometimes when drinking we suffered from:
- Instant migraines & allergies
- Weight gain
- Hangover that would last for days

Sometimes we would say that “it just wasn’t worth it” and would have long bouts of not drinking all together. This seemed extreme and why should we give up something we enjoy?
We didn’t give up and went searching for a healthier alternative that would have minimum effects on your overall health.
- After much research we uncovered:
- Alcohol is typically made from grains and other items that are not fit for food consumption
- Some liquor has the same chemical composition as cleaning products
- The methods in making liquor varying greatly with some using lots of chemicals, additives and sugar after distillation to hide the impurities.

When looking for a healthier alternative we found

- A world of handcrafted organic, natural and preservative free liquor
- Available in small artisan distilleries and wineries all over the world
- They are typically Family run with a long history using traditional methods.
- Only using fresh ingredients and hand crafted controlled techniques
- Quality was not a choice but a way of living
- Sustainability of the land go hand in hand with strictly no added chemicals

Alcohol that is made in an organic and natural way that is free from preservatives are handmade and able to gain greater control of not only ingredients but the whole process and do not need to rely on adding additives and refined sugar to taste better.




Our Mission

We love

We are so impressed with what we found that today we have made it our mission is to create a movement of intelligent drinkers that celebrates organic, natural and preservative free liquor through drinking experiences that enhances the mind, body and soul by understanding and appreciating the origins, methods and mixers. And the Intelligent Drinker was born.

What is an intelligent drinker?

A person who understands what is in their drinks, how they are made and the effects they have on their body. They understand how to minimise the negative affects by mixing with high quality juice and tonics and of course, through moderation, are able to live a healthier lifestyle.